Required Orchestra supplies

If you need any financial assistance at all to acquire these materials, do not hesitate to reach out to Me. I will never let a financial situation keep a kid from being a part of our program. I will do whatever it takes to make sure your child has what they need to be a part of this great experience!


- Mr. Zilisch-

  • Instrument

    • Please see the Instrument Rental page for more information about acquiring instruments​.


  • 6th grade- Essential Elements book 1 (Orange Book)

  • 7th and 8th Grade-Essential Technique (Green Book, also known as book 3)​

  • Three Ringed Binder

    • (One binder will be provided by Mr. Z in 6th grade)


  • Pencil

  • Shoulder Rest

    • For Violin and Viola Players only. This is necessary to prevent injury to the neck, back and shoulders.​


  • Rosin

    • Violin, Viola and Cellos use the same rosin

    • Basses use a different type of rosin. I prefer the Bass 'Pops' Rosin

  • Folding music stand

    • for home practice


  • Soft cloth

    • (to wipe rosin dust off instrument)


  • Spare Strings are recommended 

    • (D’ Addario Pro Arte’ recommended)

Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 5.02.54 PM.png
Required Books
6th Grade
7th/8th Grade
Shoulder Rest


You can order most items online from these stores and they will ship it to the school. I would only recommend using Amazon for the essential elements books.

Music And Arts

808 Lyndon Lane Louisville, KY 40222

(502) 479-3772

Noteworthy Music

4012 Dupont Cir #114,Louisville KY 40207


Mel Owen Music, Inc

4210 Shelbyville Road,Louisville,KY 40207

(502) 893-6624

Lane and Edwards Violins

315 Wallace Avenue, Louisville, KY 40207

(502) 893-6624