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All Students are welcome to join, even if you have ZERO EXPERIENCE!
Now is the time to learn to play an instrument!

- Mr. Zilisch-

If you're a student at Westport Middle School, you have the unique opportunity to join the famous Westport Orchestra Program! 

The Westport Orchestra is one of the most innovative and well-known orchestra programs in the entire world! Not only do we play great classical music, but we also play pop, rock, hip-hop, jazz and many other genres of music. You will get the true modern music experience in the Westport Orchestra. 

One of the things that makes our orchestra program unique is the Electric Orchestra "Rockn' Warhawks".  Electrifying stages since 2015, Westport’s ground-breaking electric orchestra – the Rockin’ Warhawks - introduces the kids to a variety of rock, pop, and classical music as an electric orchestra. The Westport Electric Orchestra is the only of its kind in a middle school! 

Students play on electric instruments and experiment with all of the sounds that these instruments can produce. Students also spend a lot of time in this class learning to improvise and to create their own music. Not only do the students in the electric orchestra play the music, they also learn choreography and floor movements that go along with what they are playing.


The orchestra is the most technologically advanced orchestra program in the United States today and is widely known throughout the country for its highly skilled and diversity of talent. The Rock N’ Warhawks Electric Orchestra performs at various school and community activities and conferences in Louisville and statewide. The orchestra has created several music videos, which has been featured on Louisville news stations on multiple occasions. The music videos are also featured on the Orchestra’s website and YouTube. 

The amazing opportunities will you have in the Westport Orchestra:

  • Learn to play a string instrument

  • Learn to read music

  • Perform many styles of music including Classical, Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Rap and much more! 

  • Perform with Famous Musicians!

  • Perform for very large crowds! 

  • Have the chance to join the electric Orchestra and play electric string instruments. 

  • Go on fun trips.

  • Make new friends. 

  • Discover your inner musical voice. 

Mr. Zilisch's fun and creative approach to teaching orchestra has students coming back for more year-after-year. His methods even have the attention of other orchestra teachers from around the country! 

Come and be a part of our Orchestra family!!

If you'd like to join and/or have more questions fill out the survey below and email Mr. Z. at

Come be a Rockstar with us! 

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