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We ask that each family that has a child in the orchestra program participates in fundraising.
Without fundraising, we literally cannot exist! 
Why We Raise Funds

Having a vibrant orchestra program like ours takes a lot of money to operate. The Westport Orchestra will have many fundraisers throughout the year. Often we're asked why we try to raise funds or what the money will purchase. The average yearly cost to run the orchestra program is $50,000 which equates to about $250 per student to operate. Instead of charging a $250 fee, we ask that everyone contributes to the fundraising efforts. 

While we get a small repair budget from the district, there are many other aspects of running an orchestra that those funds cannot fully cover. The funds we raise directly impact the orchestra program, as well as the students, everyday. These funds are essential for having a successful and invigorating Orchestra program. 


Purchase of new music

Field trips and concerts.


Instrument Repairs and maintenance

New Instrument Purchases

Electric Orchestra Equipment/Technology

Trailer Maintenance

Food for kids on any orchestra trips.

In-school private instruction from a professional on a weekly basis.

Electrify Your Symphony Experience

Other visiting Guest Artists

and much more! 

We appreciate the support of our family, friends, and community with our fundraisers and the Orchestra. We are proud to carry on the tradition of the Westport Orchestra and your financial contributions are instrumental to our success.

2021-2022 Fundraisers

August/September- SnapRaise! 

November- Cookie Dough

December- Electrify Your Symphony!

Spring- Great American Catalogue

Have a Fundraising Idea?

We're always open to new ideas for fundraising. If you have any ideas for fundraising, please send an email to

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