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Electrify Your Symphony
May 19th and 20th

The purpose of this page is to provide information to the students and families of the Westport Middle School Performing Arts students about our 2022 EYS Performance.

2023 Electrify Your Symphony Details

This concert will be a full, electric rock experience. There will be kids on electric instruments and rock-concert lighting effects! It’s going to be like no other school orchestra concert that you’ve ever seen. Mark Wood, Laura Kaye and Nathan Blake will be performing right along side the kids and will be showing off his talents! After the concert, There will be a “meet-and-greet” with Mark Wood where he will be taking pictures and signing autographs with audience members! Mark Wood merchandise including T-shirts, posters, CDs etc… will also be sold at the concert. It will be a night that none of us will ever forget!

Previous Westport EYS Concert footage

We need volunteers for this concert to happen!

Please click below to see how you can help and to learn more about this concert!  

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