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Expectations and General Information

Rockin' Warhawks!
Westport is leading the future of Orchestra programs with its innovative Electric Orchestra! The group is called “Rock N’ Warhawks”. This group is world famous and is well-known throughout the country. The Rockin' Warhawks have been on TV many, many times, perform at many events and is overall a really fun time! 

Class Pre-requisites

  • All students in Electric Orchestra must have at least one year of prior experience on their desired instrument or vocal part. 

  • The string students in this class must continue to be enrolled in the regular orchestra class to continue learning necessary string playing skills. This means that you would have two orchestra classes.

  • This class is available to 7th and 8th graders during the school day.

  • If you are vocalist, you do have the option of being in Orchestra, Choir and electric orchestra all at the same time!

How to Join

  • All students must submit an audition on their desired instrument                       (Choices are listed below)

  • Submit a 30 to 60 second video of yourself either playing any pop or rock tune

  •  You can either learn the song by ear, or find music online. 

  • Fill out this survey first to let Mr. Z know you're interested

  • Click the button to be directed to page to upload your audition video!

  • Videos are due by June 30th


The Electric Orchestra has spots each year for the following:




Double Bass


Bass Guitar




After School Commitments

 There are many outside of school commitments in this class. Most events that we perform at will be communicated with much prior notice. 

However, Some performances or video-taping opportunities may pop-up with short notice. With a short notice performance, we ask that all members put forth their best effort to be at the performance or taping. We have many students in the orchestra that are involved in other activities and conflicts may arise. If the student has a prior commitment that conflicts with the date, that student should stick to that other commitment. Please communicate with Mr. Zilisch if there is a conflict with any dates that are approaching.

Students in this class will participate in the following:

Improvisation Skills
Composing and creating their own music
Learning a variety of popular and rock music
Learning choreography and movement along with music

Hands on practice with music technology

Performing in the community



21st Century Musician skills

Students in this class should be able to provide:


One Pair of EARBUDS

Guitar Cable 3-10ft long)

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