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Concert Dress Code

Formal Concert Wear

For Winter Concert, KMEA Performances and other Formal concerts

  • Black, long-sleeved Oxford dress shirt

  • Black dress pants

  • Black dress shoes and socks


  • Black, long-sleeved dress blouse or Black, Long-sleeved oxford dress shirt (No Cleavage)

  • Black dress skirt (Below the knee)

       or black dress pants

  • Black hose, tights, or socks

  • Black dress shoes

  • All Students will wear a glow concert T-shirt 

  • Glow Concert Shirts will be purchased through Mr. Z for $5 

  • Students can wear jeans or other pants to this concert.

Please don't wear anything with holes in them​

  • Any type of shoes are acceptable to this concert

Electrify Your Symphony Concert
  • Students will wear their best 'Rock And Roll' attire.

  • Check out this video of last year's concert to get some ideas for outfits

  • If they don't have Rock and Roll outfits, students can wear their favorite Music Groups' shirt (Nirvana, Queen etc...)

  • If they don't have any of that, they can just wear a plain black t-shirt and jeans.

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