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Chamber Orchestra

"I love being in the Chamber Orchestra because we learn more advanced music with our most motivated peers!"


- Westport Chamber Orchestra Student-

We are proud to have the Chamber Orchestra meet again this upcoming school year! This will be our second season of the elite Westport Middle School Chamber Orchestra. The Westport Middle School Chamber Orchestra has served as the premiere orchestral ensemble for the Westport Middle School Orchestra Program and performs at various school, community, and Kentucky Music Educators Association events. This ensemble is student led, which means there is no conductor! This provides students the opportunity for leadership and non-verbal communication in a music performance setting. In this ensemble, students will be performing very advanced music. The goal of the Westport Middle School Chamber Orchestra is to provide a positively life-changing musical experience for its members and offer a more rigorous performing ensemble option. 

This is an auditioned group and meets after-school 1 to 2 days a week.


The audition packet will be available in August 2021.

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