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8th Grade Orchestra

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Students in 8th grade orchestra continue building playing skills and music reading from 7th grade orchestra. 8th Grade orchestra is when we really put all of the skills they've learned so far to the test! The students in this class will perform extremely difficult and complex music at a high level. 8th grade orchestra also serves as a preparation for their transition into high school orchestra. Mr. Z works with students to ensure they are well prepared for the high school orchestra experience. 

As the premiere traditional performing group of the school, the 8th grade orchestra has many more unique performing experiences. Our 8th grade orchestra has won many awards including an invitation to perform at the National Orchestra Festival and it's most recent selection as a featured performing group at the 2020 KMEA State Music Teacher's conference. 


8th grade Orchestra members also have the opportunity to attend the Orchestra spring trip. This trip is always an overnight trip to somewhere outside of Kentucky and includes a community performance in the location we are traveling. 

Past Trips the orchestra has taken: Cedar Point/Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Atlanta Georgia, National String Teachers Conference, St. Louis, Kansas City, Orlando Florida, Universal Studios, Disney World, Siesta Key Beach. 

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