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6th Grade Orchestra

All Students are welcome to join, even if you have ZERO EXPERIENCE!
Now is the time to learn to play an instrument!

- Mr. Zilisch-

Most orchestra students begin in their 6th grade year of middle school. If any students has even the smallest interest of learning to play an instrument, now is the time to join our program. 

The 6th grade orchestra is a class designed to teach students how to read music, and how to perform on a stringed instrument (Violin, Viola, Cello, or Bass). This class is taught assuming that students have no experience with music. If a student comes in having previous experience, they will have the opportunity to build upon their previous knowledge in a fun and safe environment. 

Playing a musical instrument is a difficult skill and takes time to perfect. All students will make MANY MISTAKES their first years of learning their instrument. This is part of the process and Mr. Zilisch provides a safe atmosphere for students to make mistakes and learn from them. 

Mr. Zilisch's fun and creative approach to teaching orchestra has students coming back for more year-after-year. His methods even have the attention of other orchestra teachers from around the country! 

6th grade students will perform at all of the concerts throughout the year (typically in October, December, and May). After school commitments are minimal and orchestra does not interfere with other extra-curricular activities. Concert performances are carefully coordinated with other teams and their coaches.

Come and be a part of our Orchestra family!!

If you'd like to join and/or have more questions email Mr. Z. at

Come be a Rockstar with us! 

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